Design Automator® is our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for the security systems industry that automates the engineering process, eliminates human error and delivers system wide consistency, whilst saving both time and money.

Your virtual engineer

Access Control Design

The Problem

The industry has largely remained unchanged. The current manual engineering processes are prone to human error resulting in inconsistent documentation, programming and a poor customer experience.

The Solution

We believe that automation is the solution and will transform the industry for the better. It is why we have developed Design Automator®.


Programming of hardware and software is automated so there is no human error

Checking for errors in CAD drawings is 100% reliable

Processes and functions are simple to use


Delivers business-wide system standards that are consistent with a company's policy

Documentation is thorough and dependant so that standards can be kept

Software programming is standardised so there can be no error


Fully automated engineering processes​ that save time and money for businesses, installers and integrators alike.

Changes are simple, quick and efficient.


“The value Design Automator adds to any project is considerable. Designs created in the software from the beginning are easily, effectively and effortlessly managed; and the usual risks on projects are significantly mitigated at a fraction of the engineering cost. "

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