Why Automation?

Automation has transformed many industries over the years, however security systems engineering has largely remained unchanged. The current manual engineering processes are prone to human error resulting in inconsistent documentation, programming and a poor customer experience. Clients who want to deliver projects in London, New York or Mumbai to the same quality and exacting standard, without the need to deploy specialist engineering teams are left frustrated. We believe that automation is the answer and it is why we have developed Design Automator®.

Design Automator® is a software solution that automates the engineering process, eliminates human error and delivers system wide consistency, whilst saving both time and money. The solution can be applied to new installations, system upgrades, system migrations and data unification activities.


Our solution is a cloud based application so there is no need for expensive hardware and software, all that is needed is a web browser connected to the internet.

Benefits of

Design Automator®

  • Eliminates risk of human error

  • Enhances data accuracy & consistency

  • Standardises system naming conventions

  • Improves system quality & usability

  • Reduces project execution time

  • Increases productivity

  • Saves time & money

  • Delivers outstanding customer experience

The Process

Design Automator’s® DNA feature is the single reference point for all operational polices. It stores system parameters, device behaviours and costing information etc. which all drive consistency.

The automation process is driven by intelligent icons whereby clients can use CAD or design assistant, using the drag and drop tools.

Our different modules enable clients to produce commissioning sheets, schematics, operation and maintenance manuals, and fully programmed system configuration files.

The approach is easy to understand, reduces error and most importantly, saves time and money.





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