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Automator wins Award

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Design Automator, won the Security Software Manufacturer of the Year award at the recent Security and Fire Excellence awards.

Unlike other industries, the security sector has seen little innovation in systems engineering. But change is coming! We have created a software that is revolutionising the way things are done. Design Automator does away with manual engineering processes, eliminates human error and brings an outstanding level of consistency to projects. It’s like having a Virtual Engineer on the team who saves you time and money.

Patrick Biggin, creator of Design Automator said “This award shows that the future for security engineering design is in automation. The winner of this category had to demonstrate that the product was innovative, well designed and well received. In addition, the judges needed evidence that the winning product would deliver tangible benefits across the sector. We are delighted that the judges recognised that Design Automator does all of those things!”

Design Automator can be applied to new installations, system upgrades, system migrations and data unifications. As a cloud based application there is no need for expensive hardware and software; just a web browser connected to the internet.

When disruptive technology is introduced into an industry, there are those who embrace it and those that don’t. The early adopters, by their nature, tend to be bold, visionary and receptive to change. They are the pioneers in their industry who reap the benefits first. The speed with which a new technology spreads depends on the number of pioneers in the market. There is no doubt that security systems industry is ripe for change; how fast this happens will depend on the pioneers stepping forward and leading the way.

“The reception we have had to Design Automator from our clients has been incredible” said Damian Marsh, Account Director “We think this highlights that the security industry is open to new ideas and ways of working. We’ve seen the visionaries in the industry embracing this new technology and achieving significant benefits and we expect the rest of the market to follow.”

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